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Introducing Lumara: A New Dawn for Darkrest Online

Lumara Start Date: 31.05.2024


The Latin word "lumen" means "light." So, "Lumara" could be interpreted as a place of light, enlightenment, or clarity. It could symbolize knowledge, or discovery.


In Lumara, old problems meet new solutions, casting a fresh light across the server. Here, every challenge is an opportunity for innovation, turning yesterday's struggles into tomorrow's triumphs.

Dear Darkrest Online Community,

Excitement is in the air as we draw closer to the unveiling of our newest server, Lumara - a realm designed to redefine your MMO RPG adventures with a fresh emphasis on teamwork, community, and unprecedented challenges.

Meteors: The Skyfall Challenge

Darkrest Meteors

Dare to face the celestial wrath with our new Meteors feature, where players will encounter static respawn points of meteors, each harboring its own set of challenges and rewards. As these celestial bodies crash into Darkrest, they beckon adventurers to engage in epic battles, summoning waves of monsters as their health wanes. Conquer these meteors to earn valuable experience, items, and exclusive recipes, adding a new layer of strategy and exploration to your journey.

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The Servants System: Forge Your Legacy

Darkrest Servants

Embark on your quest with the might of loyal companions by your side. The Servants System introduces the opportunity to recruit up to three servants, each with unique abilities to aid in your adventures. Whether you're sending them on expeditions for treasure or summoning them for aid in battle, your servants are invaluable allies, growing in power with every challenge faced. This system not only enhances the gameplay experience but also introduces strategic depth, making every decision impactful.

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The Dungeon System: Explore the Depths

Darkrest Dungeons

The Dungeon System opens new doors for adventurers of all levels, from novices to veterans. With specific dungeons tailored for both free and premium accounts, everyone has a chance to delve into the mysteries and challenges lying in wait. Gather your party for a team expedition, or brave the depths solo, and discover exclusive equipment, face formidable foes, and navigate the intricacies of fair loot distribution. With limited entries per day, strategic choices become paramount, ensuring every adventure is both thrilling and rewarding.

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Guilds changes

The Lumara launch significantly changed the PVP rules in Darkrest. New laws were introduced to allow PVP players greater freedom to engage with each other while providing a layer of security for RPG players. Our PVP system now primarily utilizes the new guild system.

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What Lies Ahead

As we edge closer to the launch of Lumara, we're filled with anticipation and a commitment to delivering a server that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. This glimpse into Lumara's features is just the beginning, with more updates and details to come. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please continue to share your thoughts and ideas.

We extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. The journey ahead in Lumara is one we eagerly await to embark on together, promising new adventures, challenges, and a community stronger than ever.

Stay tuned, and prepare to hunt together.
Warm regards,
The Darkrest Online Team


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