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Decision-making power in your hands - Traits System

With the Lumara launch, we introduce the Traits System. It's our solution to the vocations problem, which makes the game more enjoyable, and your character fits your preferences even more as we take a step back from imposing your preferred powers and giving you the decision-making power.

Now, you can decide if your Knight will specialize in two-handed weapons, has passive life steal, or maybe is way more tanky club expert.

You will receive 1 skill point every two levels, starting at level 10.

Traits module

Traits Module

1. Maxed Trait - every trait has a maximum points value that you can spend on it.

2. Active Trait - it works on your character but is not maxed out.

3. Inactive Trait (available) - it doesn't work as no point has been spent on it, but you can spend points on it.

4. Trait Points - the amount of Trait Points left to spend.

5. Traits actions:

- Saving - Saves your changes

- Reset - Resets your traits tree. The first reset is free, while the next reset costs 80 coins each.

Traits List

Check out a list of all traits on our wiki.


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